How to repair an IKEA lamp with your own hands


How to make an IKEA lamp after renovation become much better and fit into the interior?

The nephew knocked over the IKEA floor lamp, and the fixing of the plafond could not stand it. The plastic broke off, and the fragments were lost, so it was impossible to seal it in a simple way.

But it would be unwise to throw away the «almost new» IKEA floor lamp, especially since it was at the house of your beloved mother-in-law.

Therefore, I decided to repair it with my own hands — to make the ceiling mount from wood.

The damage looked like this:

To make a new mount, we first make a sketch and put down dimensions so as not to be distracted by these things in the process.

As a blank, I took a piece of ash of a suitable size and 50 mm thick. Calculated the center and drew a circle.


We fasten the faceplate and wind the workpiece onto the lathe spindle.

We grind the outer part, comparing it with the original part.

Hidden cracks were found inside the tree, and the workpiece went to the trash can. Sadly, there is nowhere to go. Let’s continue!

We attach the faceplate to the new workpiece.

We grind the outer surface.

Sand it thoroughly, starting with coarse sandpaper and finishing with fine sandpaper, 1200 grit (grains per inch).

We attach a drill chuck to the tailstock of the machine and drill a hole to make it easier to sharpen inside. The drilling depth is roughly tracked with a ruler.

We begin to grind the inner part.

We measure the missing size and make an additional groove for the electric cartridge.

Grinding again.

We check the outer diameter, it should correspond to the diameter of the beginning of the expansion of the plafond, so that the assembly does not have a step at the junction.

We remove the workpiece from the faceplate.

To install the workpiece in the chuck with the reverse side, it is necessary to change the chuck jaws. I haven’t used these cams yet.

And at this stage, a problem was discovered — the cams are not installed.

We take a caliper in our hands and begin to understand.

It turns out that the width of the guide groove is 4.9 mm, and the width of the collar on the cams is 4.95 mm. That is, in the manufacture of the cartridge, our Chinese comrades made a mistake — and missed the size.

But this will not stop us either! This is all for your beloved mother-in-law!


Fortunately, our Chinese comrades did not bother with the question of the strength of the metal, and the latter turned out to be rather soft.

After further refinement, the cams finally fall into place.

They are screwed onto the cams … as if to call them … well, let it be lugs. They are made of either soft plastic or hard rubber. Exactly what is needed!

We install the chuck on the machine and fix the workpiece.

And almost at the very beginning, the cutter is stepped onto a piece of a self-tapping screw.

But that won’t stop us either! We pick it out with an awl, sharpen the cutter and promise ourselves not to use black screws anymore, but switch to yellow ones.

We drill a hole for the tube on which the product will be fitted.

But due to the fact that we do not have a drill of a suitable diameter, we mark the required size with a caliper and bore the hole.

Here, an ordinary chisel came up as a cutter. Well, as usual … Nice chisel.

Then we finish grinding the cone and grind it. In this case, a drill bit was used. It’s smoother and faster.

We remove the finished product from the cartridge.

It remains to cover it with oil and let it dry. I already wrote about oil coating in one of my past

The result is a rather beautiful lamp that fits perfectly into the interior of your beloved mother-in-law.

You can watch the process in more detail in the video below. If you liked it, do not forget to like it! 😉

What are you ready to do for the sake of your beloved mother-in-law? Write in the comments!

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Thank you for your time.