How to include Russian subtitles on YouTube, if there are only English?


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Not everyone knows, but on YouTube there is a built-in possibility of translating English-speaking (and not only) subtitles.

And even if the author of the video did not add his own subtitles, YouTube will determine that there is a voice in the video, and recognizes it. True, this may not happen if the video is too long, at the beginning of the video there is a big piece without a voice or a voice is difficult to disassemble due to extraneous noise and low quality, and also if several people say at the same time.

But let’s get closer to the point!

Consider the case when the author added English subtitles himself, or YouTube created English subtitles automatically, on the example of this video:

To enable subtitles, press the corresponding button in the lower right corner. If such a button it turned out, it means that subtitles did not add the author, nor YOUTUBE himself.

After clicking on the button below it, a red bar will appear, and subtitles will appear on the video until the English.

Now click on the gear icon to display playback settings. Here we see that subtitles are added to the video in the same language (one in brackets), and now it is displayed — English.

Now click on the name of the language, and then in the menu that appears, select «Translate».

A list of available languages will appear. I rewind it with a mouse with a wheel and choose «Russian» (or the one you need).

As you can see, the Russian translation of English subtitles appeared. And although it is often far from perfect, the essence of the video becomes much easier.

By the way, if you press the gear again and look at playback parameters, you can see that English subtitles are selected, and they are automatically translated into Russian (English >> Russian).

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