How to give an old bike a new life and ride 50 km a day?


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For many, a bicycle is just a means of entertainment — it is stored on the balcony or in the basement, and is used only a few times during the cycling season. I myself, I confess, used a bike in this way before, going out for a ride with a friend 2-3 times a year.

But the situation changed when, for certain reasons, it was decided to sell the car — the bicycle became the main means of transportation.

The only drawback was that business trips took a lot of effort, given the differences in altitude in the city, and in order to be in time everywhere, you had to sweat a lot.

At that time, almost no one had an electric bike, and I hadn’t heard anything about this type of transport either. But then he would have come in handy.

Today I want to tell you about the bike

This is a hardtail, the frame is made of 7005 aluminum alloy. Front shock absorber

Equipment installed on the bike

Now let’s talk about the electrical part. In place of the rear hub, an Aikema engine with a power of

At the place where the cable exits the motor axis, a special protection element is installed, made of monolithic polycarbonate and consisting of 2 parts tightened with screws.

It avoids accidental damage to the cable, such as dropping the bike on the left side.

To prevent the engine axis from turning inside the frame, torches (torque arm, torque arm) are installed on both sides of it, or

Installed on the motor cable

The e-bike is powered by a compact, quick-detachable battery

The battery case is made of monolithic polycarbonate and composite materials.

Under the battery is a platform made of anodized aluminum, fixed to the frame with bottle screws and an additional clamp made of polycarbonate, made according to the shape of the pipe profile.

The ECM is attached to the seat tube, also using polycarbonate clamps.

The bike can be used in


Third, in

In this mode, the power reserve will be about

All the electrical wiring of the bike is assembled on sealed Julet connectors, thanks to which it is not afraid of rain and moisture, which means it will last for more than one year.

The whole set of electrical equipment added to the bike in total

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