How to fix a surge protector in 5 minutes


Hello friends!

Let’s digress a little from the topic of electric bicycles — I will tell you how, at the request of my nephew, I repaired his surge protector. Although, it would be more correct to call it a multi-outlet extension cord with overload and surge protection.

The problem was as follows — it just stopped turning on — the light in the switch did not light and the connected electrical appliances did not work. The filter manufacturer is IPPON, but as it becomes clear later, it does not matter.

Naturally, first unplug the filter from the outlet so as not to work under voltage and not get an electric shock.

Then we unscrew the screws and remove the cover. The filter circuit is as follows: when turned on, the current passes through the automatic fuse (with a red round button), which serves to protect against overloads, and then through the two-pole switch enters the contact plates.

First of all, we «ring» the switch in the on state (we measure the resistance between the contacts). In this case, we see that the circuit is open, which means that the matter is in the switch.

We unsolder the wires and the varistor, which serves to protect against short-term voltage surges.

We press two spring elements with a screwdriver and remove the switch from the mains filter housing.

Pry off with a flat screwdriver and remove the switch button.

We take out the contact plates, and the cause of the breakdown becomes obvious — banal dust that got between the contact pads and did not allow them to close.

We remove the dust, assemble the switch and check — the resistance is less than 1 Ohm, which means that the switch is in working order again.

We install the switch in place, solder the wires and the varistor, close the case and tighten the screws. It remains to check — we turn on the network. The light in the button is on, the connected electrical appliances are working.

This time, the reason turned out to be funny and easily removable, so the repair took no more than 5 minutes. However, it is difficult to imagine how many surge protectors with the same problem went to the trash heap!

So you should not be afraid to learn new things and study how devices work, the main thing is


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