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Since, in addition to electric bicycles, I am fond of wood turning, today I will dare to deviate from the main theme of the channel.

Many people set themselves the goal of finding their calling, believing that there is an occupation that you can do your whole life with pleasure, and at the same time, realizing your potential to the maximum, become well-off financially.

I, I confess, also thought so up to a certain point, sorting out more and more new areas of activity, but in the end I came to the conclusion that, perhaps, I am what they call

This is Pasha. In addition to his main job, he has a hobby — wood turning. This is perhaps the first time I met a person who is so passionate about what he loves. Pasha is very open and kind, he seems to radiate light. I would like there to be as many such people in the world as possible.

One day Pasha came across a video on YouTube in which Lizzie Oland, a female turner, was making large-diameter bowls. A workpiece weighing more than 100 kg was rotated on the machine, curly shavings flew continuously from under the cutter, and the workpiece gradually turned into a bowl. This struck him so much that he wanted to try something similar.

Together with his father, they assembled the first lathe, which is still actively used today. He can often be found in videos on

At the initial stage, immediately acquiring an expensive instrument is a rather risky undertaking, especially since you do not yet know how to handle it correctly. And Pasha made part of the turning tools himself, using available materials at hand. For example, one of the cutters was made from a VAZ anti-roll bar.

In general, it doesn’t really matter where you start. If there is a specific interest, a desire to make something, and hands «from the right place», then you should simply not be lazy and look for possible ways to achieve the goal.

In the course of his journey, Pasha created various rigs and adaptations, and on the aforementioned

For the manufacture of the first products, an affordable material was used that can be bought at the nearest hardware store or in the market — pine.

Its disadvantage for processing on a lathe is that it is quite loose, and even with a well-sharpened cutter, the fibers periodically rip up, so the product has to be thoroughly smoked out. And this process is not the fastest, and even quite dusty.

But wood turning is such a fascinating process that it can be compared to a drug — having tried it once, you cannot stop, you cannot just go to the machine 1-2 times a week to grind something, but you start thinking about it all the time …

Nowadays, with the help of YouTube, you can probably learn absolutely everything, and Pasha did just that — he carefully watched the videos of experienced craftsmen, went to the machine and worked. Then I watched the video again and went to work again.

In the fall of 2015, Instagram was created

And already next spring, the guys (Pasha and his wife Alyona) were invited to a charity event for mothers and children, where they had the opportunity to show their work to people, to let them hold the products in their hands. In fact, this was their first mini-exhibition.

In fact, it is not possible to convey all the features of a wooden product through an image — this is the smell, and the warmth of wood, and smoothness, or vice versa — the texture of the surface, which you feel with your fingertips.

In the same year, Pasha and Alena took part in the Astrakhan Business Prize — 2016, and won the Home Production nomination.

Later, the guys exhibited their products at all kinds of fairs — New Year’s, by March 8, and many others, held in the Astrakhan House of Crafts and the Tseikhhauz exhibition complex, and in the fall of 2018 they organized their own exhibition at the merchant Tetyushinov’s house, which was even featured on local television …

Alyona Pasha affectionately calls his wife a muse, support and support. When you start something new, the support of a loved one plays an incredibly important role, and when you don’t feel such support, you can easily abandon everything in a difficult period and eventually abandon your dream.

By the way, Alena not only supports Pasha, but also helps in every possible way to develop their common cause — she takes photos and videos, leads social networks and much more. Outfits for New Year’s snowmen are entirely her handiwork.

When you are really passionate about something, and immerse yourself in the process with your head, you begin to notice how many like-minded people are found around, those who are interested in the floor of the field of activity. As if you are discovering a new parallel dimension.

In the fall of 2018, Pasha and Alena made a trip to Ireland, the idea of which arose a year earlier, to a well-known master of turning in narrow circles.

Glenn has organized his own training center, where he conducts master classes on working on a lathe. To do this, the workshop has everything you need: high-quality lathes and sharpeners, cutter sets, high-quality lighting, an air filtration system, personal protective equipment and much more.

A trip to Ireland, of course, is not a cheap pleasure, but according to the guys, it fully justified itself — both emotionally and, of course, professionally.

And since we are talking about «abroad», it is worth noting that, for example, in the USA the direction of wood turning has been developed for a long time and quite strongly, there is even an organization called

This organization annually organizes turning symposia, which brings together more than 2,000 woodturners from all over the world to learn and exchange experiences.

Turning has not yet become so widespread in Russia, but in St. Petersburg there is

Before signing up for a turning course, you should visit one of the carpentry festivals to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of creativity, the smell of wood and people with burning eyes, close in spirit.

One of these festivals is

The second festival is organized by the JET company, and it bears the name

As a person who is close to working with wood and who is fond of turning, I went to the JETFEST in Krasnodar to meet Pasha and Alena personally. Before that, we only corresponded and spoke on the phone. Frankly, these are amazing guys, it’s easy to communicate with them and you inevitably get charged with a good mood!

In fact, even watching Pasha work is a pleasure in itself. In the process, he tells what and how he does, why this or that type of wood behaves in a certain way, and also shares his personal experience.

After grinding, drying and sanding, a protective coating is applied to the product — usually wood oil, which polymerizes and protects it from environmental influences.

Such products, of course, cannot be soaked in water for a long time and used in a microwave oven, but you can safely wipe with a damp cloth and periodically renew the coating, returning it to its original shine.

Pasha is constantly experimenting, trying new things, creating unusual and amazing products.

If you, like Pasha and Alena, live in Astrakhan or nearby, and want to try something new, in my opinion, attending a master class with Pasha is a great opportunity to reveal your creative potential and get a huge amount of positive emotions.

Moreover, children can be taken to such a master class. You can sign up for a master class by phone: +7 (917) 094-52-35, Pavel Kalinkin.

Not everyone manages to find their vocation: someone knows from childhood that they will become a doctor, and someone tries something new all their lives. And although even in the turning business there are many directions (segment turning alone is worth something!), Pasha found himself in turning raw wood while preserving a living edge.

And I would like to wish each of you to find your favorite business, an activity that will bring true pleasure and make you truly happy. After all, life is too short to engage in unloved activities, so let’s live it consciously and happily!

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