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If you have already been interested in the assembly of the electric bike with their own hands, and performed on Aliexpress the search on the phrase «Central Motor», they simply could not but hear about the company

Previously, the company was called «8fun», such marking still can be found on some components. Bafang is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical cycling and components.

The company employs about 500 employees. The head office, the development and production center is located in Suzhou, not far from Shanghai.

Bafang has sales and service centers in the Netherlands, USA and Germany. The recently open plant in Poland is focused on the production of middle class systems for European markets.

But I will be back closer to the topic — to look at the plant Bafang, located in the Chinese town of Suzhou.

Bafang manufactures both engines for motor wheels and central motors. In both cases, the assembly begins with a manual set of powerful magnets to rotors and stables — for this, a special device is used, which serves the magnets of the piece.

Each stage is built and organized in such a way as to ensure maximum simplicity and efficiency of the assembly line as a whole — with minimal time and energy costs.

The major European manufacturer of central motors, Bosch, is known to everyone, and on the basis of their motors, most European bicycles are built. Bafang also offers a good alternative — more affordable options that will suit the average consumer.

Engine components will be placed in the prepared parts of the housing, and then the whole process will occur on the conveyor belt.

The stator windings are placed inside the housing along with the hall sensors and fix them inside.

Then the engine controller is installed, the cover is fixed with screws. To twist the screws, use a pneumatic tool connected to the general air supply system. After that, the engine is placed on the conveyor.

The next employee connects the connectors and conducts an initial test — you need to make sure that the controller installed in the engine is functioning normally.

After that, the engine on the conveyor belt enters the gearbox — the nylon gears are installed here. They are necessary to ensure the high torque of the engine.

At the last stage, the engine cover is screwed. Due to the use of rubber sealing gasket, the necessary tightness and protection against external conditions is ensured.

The engine is assembled, and it must be checked — for this, a test bench has been developed, providing the full engine load and analyzing output parameters.

If the check is passed successfully — the employee places a green sticker on the engine.

After that, the engine is moving again along the conveyor belt — this time to apply the serial number.

But in China, the men, apparently, do not really trust women, and therefore two are watching her work so that it does not bother and did not deliver a serial wherever should not. Therefore, one of them turns the engines with the desired side.

For which he holds the second hand for the connecting rod — it remains a mystery.

The serial number is applied using laser engraving. The process is quite stipulating — you can see themselves in the video posted at the end of the article.

After applying the serial number, the finished engines come to the package zone, where they are prepared to send to customers.

But not all ready-made motors go to customers — some of them from the conveyor come to test bikes for testing.

To do this, Bafang has a whole team of testers, different growth and weight. Although, about growth, I have some doubts. They are experiencing bicycles in real conditions to identify the weak points of the engines that will eliminate the design department.

In addition to engines, Bafang produces such important components of the electric bike, as a display, gas handle, an integration cable and others.

Production of these components is located in another part of the plant, and there is also a manual assembly. This is already the so-called «pure zone», for access to which you want to wear shoes and a bathrobe.

Here the power wires are displeased on the controllers of central motors — yellow, green and blue, which, when assembling, will be connected to the engine windings.

Then the remaining cables are displeasted to the controller — the integration, which will go to the steering wheel to connect the gas handle, display and brake sensors, as well as the power cable that will go to the battery.

After decaying the cables, one more check is made to make sure that everything is connected correctly, and eliminate the emergence of a malfunction in the future.

Now a little about the build of displays. After the wire is inserted into the display housing and planted on the board, it must be fixed and sealed.

For this, a special sealant adhesive is used, which is extruded through a gun resembling a conventional adhesive gun.

Before finally close the display with protective glass, it is necessary to blow all the dust. And for this, a non-blowing person with trained lungs is used, but a special device.

And since the twisting of small screws is far from the most suitable for large-scale production, the special robot is used for these purposes. By the way, the pretty blocking process is also.

More unfolding the whole process can be viewed in the video, so that pleasant viewing!

By the way, if you watch it from a computer, you can enable the Russian translation of English subtitles. About how to do it i

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