How I wound up on an e-bike after the coronavirus, what were the mistakes and what saved me


Hello friends!

A week ago, I drove into a tree trying to go around my grandmother. I am telling you how it happened and why it happened at all.

Sunny spring morning, the weather whispers, the birds are singing — beauty! I am full of joy from the warmth and the coming summer. And this

I leave the yard and turn onto the sidewalk. A cyclist is slowly riding in front of me, but I have a fast one,


My grandmother is walking towards her, I’m going to go around her on the right, about a meter from her to the tree on the right. I try to take it a little to the right, but at this moment the wheels find themselves in the dust between the broken asphalt of the sidewalk and the low curb that separated it from the lawn, as a result of which I drive into the mountain ash with my face.

And here

His jaw was numb, he felt his teeth with his hands — everything was in place. Passers-by gave them wet wipes — pressed them to his face to stop the bleeding. I took the bike and went home with it, since I didn’t have time to go far.

At home, I put a bag of frozen vegetables to my face and stuck a plaster on my broken finger. After 40 minutes, the blood from the finger did not stop, and I went to the emergency room. It turned out that the phalanx of the finger was fractured, and a plaster cast was applied. Fortunately, the assumption of a broken nose was not confirmed, the lip was not stitched up, since the cut was not deep.

One of the reasons for the fall could be the consequence of the just transferred coronavirus — distraction of attention and lack of coordination — I began to notice that I hurt and drop something much more often.

Now about what

If you have had such cases, when nothing seemed to bode well, you are relaxed, and in a split second something like this happens, tell us in the comments.