Honda Baiku’s futuristic electric bike balances on one wheel


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If earlier one-wheeled electric vehicles were more of a fantasy world, now on the streets of large cities it is easy to meet people on mono-wheels. I don’t know about you, but to me they always remind me of the duck-robber Gizmo from the cartoon «Duck Tales», which also balanced on one wheel.

But not everyone wants to ride while standing, so engineers and designers are trying to create one-wheeled electric bikes that can be ridden while sitting. And about one of these solutions implemented in China,

Today we will talk about the futuristic concept Honda Baiku, created by the Spanish designer Nacho Alfonso from Valencia.

The concept is aimed at generation Z, that is, young people born in the late 90s — early 2000s and actively interested in science and technology.

The Honda Baiku has angular lines and a flat seat with a built-in headlight that hides inward when parked. The handlebars and footpegs also fold down to save space.

Above is a display showing a map of the navigation system, current speed, temperature and time. And on an inclined surface, information is displayed from the user’s connected phone, for example, an audio player control panel.

Balancing of the Honda Baiku is carried out using the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, similar to how it is implemented in a monowheel.

In the front part there is an array of LEDs in the form of a rectangle, which is slightly recessed inside the body and should provide bright illumination of the road.

It is still difficult for me to imagine myself on this kind of construction, although the model looks quite interesting and minimalistic. Would you ride this?

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