Homemade electric snow scooter that accelerates to 27 km / h


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Samara enthusiast Alexander built an electric snow scooter that allows not only his daughter to ride on the snow, but also an adult and a child at the same time.

The snow scooter Snowdrive Nikakids, bought for 2700 rubles, was taken as a basis. The drive is a 350 W wheel motor located between the skis at the rear.

For better grip on the snow surface, the wheel is equipped with 6 chain segments, which «bite» into the snow and increase the cross-country ability of the snow scooter.

The suspension with progressive stiffness is realized using two fiberglass plates, on which the motor-wheel is fixed.

Light-colored plastic parts, printed on a 3D printer, are used as stops. When the snow is looser, the long arm of the suspension works, when the snow is denser, the short one.

The motor is controlled by an 18 amp controller purchased on AliExpress for 650 rubles. and fixed under the seat. But not only him.

The fact is that the throttle stick is quite sensitive, and to make the start smoother, an intermediate module is embedded between the throttle stick and the controller — an Arduino-based microcontroller unit.

It not only makes the start of the snow scooter smooth, but also allows you to select one of three speed modes of driving — for this, a three-position switch is provided.

The throttle stick itself is located on the right side of the steering wheel and is aligned with the battery voltage indicator.

The lithium-ion battery is assembled from 78 HG2 cells and packaged in a sealed case attached to the bottom of the snow scooter frame. Its capacity of 864 Wh (18 Ah 48 V) is enough for at least 3 hours of riding.

With a driver weighing 90 kg, the snow scooter develops a speed of up to 20 km / h, and if together with a child (total 115 kg), then up to 16 km / h.

Alone, the child accelerates to 27 km / h, but for safety reasons, the author has so far limited the maximum speed to 14 km / h.

Now about the cost. The snow scooter itself, as already mentioned, costs 2,700 rubles. Fiberglass plates cost 700 rubles, controller 650 rubles, additional block with Arduino 150 rubles, chains 200 rubles, throttle handle 450 rubles.

We also take into account the cost of connectors — about 300 rubles. and 3D printing — 100 rubles. It turns out

I think you already guessed why. The fact is that the battery costs 15,000 rubles. in the summer it is used on an electric bike, and a motor-wheel costing 3.000 rubles. — on a children’s electric scooter.

In this regard, when determining the cost of an electric snow scooter, it is logical to divide the cost of these components in half, we get the amount of 9.000 rubles. And add 5.250 rubles. Total

If the battery and motor-wheel were used exclusively on the snow scooter, the sum would be

Write in the comments what you think about this method of electrification, and attach a photo of your solutions, let’s compare and evaluate.

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