Harsh French € 30,000 fines for e-cyclists


Manufacturers of e-bikes designed for use in European countries are aware of and have to comply with speed and power limitation requirements. In particular, the maximum speed to which a vehicle can accelerate is 25 km / h.

However, it is clear that this is a rather low speed, and in order to get more pleasure from the ride and to move faster, consumers often release the lock, after which the e-bike is able to accelerate to higher speeds.

For such an event, the owner could face a fine of up to 30,000 euros, as well as up to one year in prison. In addition, the new law also applies to importers, distributors and dealers — in their case, the term of imprisonment for importing, producing or selling a device to release a lock could be

Even by European standards, these penalties seem too severe.

And the very approach to restrictions is questionable — take, for example,

And in the case of e-bikes, logically, there should be a similar approach based on

The owner of an e-bike must be aware and understand the responsibility for the consequences of improper and dangerous operation, because an ordinary cyclist together with a bicycle can have a weight and speed higher than an e-cyclist with an e-bike, which means that the consequences in the event of a collision will be more significant.

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