Game console from China Data Frog, analogue of dandy: review and upgrade.


Want to return the happy moments of childhood? I managed it! Do you need a lot for happiness?

To me, in order to remember the childhood, it turned out to be enough to play with my brother in the game «Tanks» for «Dandy», in which we played in the 90s.

And so we again became the same 10-year-old boys, who are not so much for happiness!

Only now the game console has become compact and does not look out due to the TV, and the joysticks are wireless.

And so — all the same «Bomberman», «Tanks», «Robocop» and «Mario». Only TV diagonal is more and tv feel.

Even remembered earlier — when they went to a radio frame and bought the Radio-86RK radio constructor. By the way, he still is stored as a rarite.

This device connected to the video input of the TV. Then we had a horizon of 61Tz-305, and the head of the most radio compartment was invited to organize on it.

A cassette tape recorder was used to load games. But for some reason she did not work with our and we took to drive a tape recorder at a cousin.

This tape recorder broke through the presenter, but it didn’t matter to us — we twisted the coil with a broken clip, and the games were loaded. In the event that it was «Python» and «Xonix».

About the Gaming Console PS4 in those days no one could have dreaming. It is now on PlayStation4 you can accumulate and you will have excellent 3D graphics, bright emotions and a way to spend time with friends.

Although at the moment I never bought myself PS4. But now let’s return to the console, which came to me from China.

The prefix is called DataFrog. So she looks like a package.

Inside the box we meet the instructions for using the wireless game console, it lists the equipment, the method of connecting to the TV, the distance on which the wireless joysticks work is 10 meters.

This is how the main console module looks like. He is like a flash drive like something, but he still has a set of small holes for cooling. The module is powered by a USB port of the TV, or from the usual USB charger for the phone.

Also included in the TV connection to the TV. One end is inserted into the module, and the three color tulip type colored plugs are video and audio signals to the TV.

In the battery compartment there are notation «+» and «-«, although it is clear that the spring is usually a minus contact.

Insert the console in the USB port of the TV.


Select the appropriate input on the TV.

And hearing the familiar sounds of the choice of game.

They are here 620, but they, of course, are repeated.

But before pain, a familiar screensaver game in tanks.

I was a little embarrassed that when you insert the batteries, the LED begins to flash (the panel is looking for a «base»), and although then the remote is moving into standby mode, it still has a small energy consumption.

And in order for the batteries to serve as long as possible, I decided to cut the switch to the body.

I bought a pair of miniature switches and I will open the console body.

Thanks to Chinese counterparts that they made a pale folding, and did not fall plastic, as it is done on many power blocks.

We unscrew five screws.

First, for the convenience of work, let’s move the battery compartment.


Install the switch to the place.

We determine which two contacts are closed when the switch is turned on, and excess contacts are biting so that it does not interfere.

We solder the wire to the switch, and the second end of the wire we solder to the positive contact of the battery compartment.

Thus, plus the batteries will be connected to the joystick board only when the switch is turned on.

Minus is expensive directly, as was originally. And the second contact of the switch is falling to the board.

In order for the switch better to hold in the joystick housing, fix the thermoclaim.

Now we collect the housing, screw all five screws into place.

This modernization joystick completed.

Now the power supply is supplied to the switch, and when it is turned off, it is completely de-energized, and the batteries will serve for a long time.

You can view the whole process in more detail in this video.

Pleasant viewing and thank you for you to give me your time!

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See you!