Futuristic city electric scooter from a Russian designer


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Industrial designer Yamaev Alexander from Moscow has developed a retro-futuristic electric bike that could be mass-produced by the Degtyarev plant.

The scooter is made in a minimalistic style and has the shape of a boomerang, or the Latin letter «L», which immediately attracts attention. It is designed for one person, and according to the designer, it is great for use as urban transport for rent.

Nothing is said about the engine, but it is logical to assume that it will most likely be a motor-wheel, or two motor-wheels in the case of an all-wheel drive version.

As conceived by the author of the development, the lithium-ion battery is located under the seat to provide a low center of gravity and good handling. There is also a charger connector.

There are three LED headlights in front, with a choice of lighting mode — low or high beam, and at the back, on the seat tube, a brake light is fixed.

For convenience, a mobile phone mount is provided on the steering wheel, on which you can launch the navigation application in order to better navigate the city and find the desired addresses.

Quite often, design projects turn out to be not entirely practical, and this case is no exception: turn indicators, which look like antennas, are quite easy to break if they hit them with a foot when landing or if the e-bike is dropped on its side.

But the body of the scooter bears the logo of the Degtyarev plant, which, according to the designer’s idea, could produce this product. The plant produces not only weapons, but also civilian products such as motorcycles and mopeds. Who knows, maybe this electric bike will one day reach the stage of mass production.

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