Four-wheeled bicycle or velomobile?


Mikael Kjelman, a Swedish design engineer with a passion for outdoor adventure sports, has been unable to find a bike that is good enough for the harsh weather conditions in Freson, Sweden.

So he decided to design and build a four-wheeled bike with a full cloth body that will keep you dry and warm in any weather.

The PodRide is a four-wheeled bike (or a velomobile?) That provides a comfortable ride in any weather, designed for practical everyday use.

Like an e-bike, it works either like a regular bicycle, by pedaling, throttle, or using the motor in assistant mode (pedaling assist mode).

The developer sees the main advantages in driving it to work all winter, parking for free in the city center and avoiding traffic jams using both roads and bike paths.

The PodRide has about the same seat position and height (50cm) as a small car, which provides good visibility while driving.

The velomobile is 180 cm long, 75 cm wide, and 145 cm high. The wheels have a diameter of 20 inches, and with a wheelbase of 88 cm, the turning circle will be 3.5 meters.

The PodRide doesn’t weigh that much — only 70 kg.

It features a fully waterproof shell to keep you warm and dry in all weather, heated windshield, padded seat with backrest, air suspension and studded tires in winter.

The velomobile is equipped with a central Bafang motor, which reaches a power of 250 W and accelerates it to a speed of 25 km / h. One charge of the on-board battery should be enough to drive the engine for about 60 km.

Other features include an all-LED lighting system, a 14-speed transmission, air suspension, rear cargo hold, interior heating fan and manual wiper.

PodRide conducted a crowdfunding campaign on

Based on the latest updates, PodRide should hit the market before the end of 2020. According to the developer, with a fairly large production, the price of the product will be two to three thousand euros.

I’m not sure that such a velomobile would be relevant in Russia, but it really drives in the snow — see for yourself.

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