Four-wheel drive electric motorbike assembled in Russia for deep snow (with video)


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In order to ride in deep snow, obviously, you need a bicycle with four-wheel drive — so that the front wheel does not burrow, but, on the contrary, pulls it out of the snowdrifts.

I really liked how in one video, although three years ago, such an all-wheel drive powerful fat bike flies through the snowdrifts.

The Totem fat bike was taken as a base. The total peak power of the motors is 3.4 kW, accelerates to 50 km / h.

Front wheel drive is switchable. The mileage depends on which mode to drive — with one engine, of course, more than with all-wheel drive.

Full description with photos is on the manufacturer’s website

And now I propose to watch the video itself (be careful, loud sound!)

The weight of such a fat bike is 33 kg, which is not that much considering the weight of two controllers, two motors and most importantly — a large battery.

Now the manufacturer has moved to a new one

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