Female electric bike of the Russian assembly with a stroke of up to 70 km


Hello friends.

There is an excellent way to make your lady from you during the cycle rock rugs — to supply it with electric bike.

Today there will be an overview of the female electric bike capacity

The bike is built on an aluminum frame with a lowered upper pipe, has a wheel diameter 26 «, SR SUNTOUR plug, rim brakes and initial transmission

Aikema motor wheel with a 2-speed peak 860 W reducer provides dynamic acceleration to

At the output of the engine cable from the axis, special protection against damage is installed, in case of falling a bike on the left side.

Lithium-ion battery on

And despite the limited space, it can be removed, for example, to take with me for charging at home or in the office.

The battery platform is made of anodized aluminum and is reliably fixed on the frame using a bottle mounting holes and two additional clamps.

The liquid crystal display allows you to view all the necessary trips parameters, as well as choose the degree of care for pedaling (assistant mode), on a scale from 1 to 5.

For cycling, brake sensors are installed, which turn off the engine when you press any brake handle.

The bright LED headlight is powered by a USB port, the voltage to which comes through a lowering converter from the main battery, so that the headlight charge is no longer necessary to worry about charging. Also from USB you can charge a mobile phone.

The entire wiring is made on sealed julet connectors and is not afraid of water, so you can even ride a bike.

Power reserve when using only gas handles is

The weight of the bicycle is only 18 kg.

Link to the manufacturer’s website of the electric bike

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