Envo Kit allows you to turn your mountain bike into a 1200 W Electric Snowmobile


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Your mountain bike will now not stand in the winter, if you decide to transform it into the power supply, installing the kit

Of course, bicycles with wide low pressure tires are fully suitable for winter, such as

But the point of contact of the caterpillar from the Karadian company Envo is still superior to the spook contact of the widespread tires fatbike, so in this case the permeability should be even higher.

The tracked module is a frame of aluminum components, with a high-density polyethylene guide rollers, which moves the caterpillar from rubber and kevlar.

The module is attached to the place of the rear wheel, directly to the drills and the lower feathers of the frame. In this case, the rear switch is rearranged on the aluminum bracket of the module, so the driver can still twist the pedals, helping the engine.

Bike (or snowmobile) is driven due to a gear motor MXUS ZWG36 XF19R power

For the transmission of the torque of the caterpillar, a special gear ring from high density is fixed on the engine.

Power is provided by a lithium-ion battery at 48 in the tank

One charge, according to the manufacturer, should be enough for 15-50 km, but it is obvious that on loose snow and at sufficiently low temperatures this value may be even less.

The PAS sensor installed in the carriage node allows you to ride in assistant mode, that is, when the engine is turned on automatically when the pedals are rotated. In this case, power depends on the degree of assistance selected on the display (from 1 to 5).

At the same time, there is a gas handle on the steering wheel (accelerator), thanks to which you can not turn the pedal.

The front skiing together with the bracket is mounted to the bike plug using the axis installed in the drill, and the additional fixators at the top.


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