Engineer Huawei collected the acting prototype of the unmanned electric bike


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An unmanned car is no longer surprised, but self-balancing bike, capable of keeping the balance standing still, to recognize and cross over obstacles is something new.

One of the Huawei engineers named Zhihui Jun, after falling from the bike, seriously thought about the construction of a bike, which would be able to keep the balance in automatic mode.

To implement the conceived, he equipped the usual bike with a system of automatic control with a set of sensors, including an electronic gyroscope and an accelerometer, as well as a sufficiently powerful processor and camera recognition cameras.

But everything began with creating a detailed virtual model of the future product in the SAD design system.

The first samples of fastening elements were printed on a 3D printer, but ultimately spin out of aluminum on the CNC machine.

The bike has several brushless engines: one to rotate the rear wheel by means of a friction drive, the second — to control the balance of the rotating disk, a similar balancing system is used to orientate satellites in space.

And another servomotor is designed to rotate the steering wheel through the belt transmission.

The information obtained from the RGBD depth chamber and the LIDAR range sensor is processed by a highly efficient Huawei Ascend 310 processor based on artificial intelligence, which is located under the seat and manages the actuators.

The system allows you to recognize objects, such as cars or pedestrians, and independently make solutions to the details of obstacles.

The author called the developed XUAN abbreviation system, which is decrypted as Extremely Unnatural Auto-Navigation, and translates approximately as extreme-unnatural auto navigation.

To demonstrate stability, the developer hangs on the steering wheel a package with a cargo, but the bike continues to maintain balance.

Of course, at this stage, such a bike is unlikely to find practical application, because the cyclist’s weight will be much more complicated, but as a demonstration of modern technologies, including artificial intelligence — quite interesting development.

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