Electric snowmobile of Russian production!


It would seem that the Russian snowy winters in themselves should contribute to the development of snowmobile transport, and the trends in environmental friendliness and the development of electric transport should lead to an increase in the number of manufacturers of electric snowmobiles.

But in practice, it turns out that electric snowmobiles are assembled mainly by home-builders in their garages, and most often in piece copies. And the matter does not come to mass production.

The only ones who brought their products to the series are the «SNOWBIKE» company from Samara. If you know other Russian manufacturers that produce electric snowmobiles in series — write in the comments, I did not find it.

Director of company

The assembly of the first prototype began in a small workshop using components that could be obtained relatively quickly. The electrical component was a modified bike electrification kit from the company

After the first tests, it became clear that a lot of changes were required: the ski is close to the track, which makes it extremely difficult to control, and a rigid fork is not the best option.


Then the author of the project came to the understanding that such depreciation was not enough, and developed a fork with longitudinal placement of shock absorbers, which looks unusual and, according to the author himself, immediately attracts attention.

The result is a fairly light electric snowmobile (only 45 kg), which was painted and took part in the «Army 2017» exhibition. In addition, SNOWBIKE snowmobiles took part in the Open Innovations forums in 2017 and 2018.

In the following modifications, the battery was moved up from the tracked module, and an additional damping system was implemented inside the module.

Now on the manufacturer’s website

Of course, at the current stage, the price of such electric snowmobiles is quite biting, and far from being available to all Russians.

But if you live outside the city and have the financial ability, an electric snowmobile is something to try! It will undoubtedly help to color the gray winter weekdays with bright fresh emotions!

Track width 22 cm, folded dimensions of the electric snowmobile are 130 x 90 x 40 cm. Color can be selected when ordering. The cost of such pleasure is 250 thousand rubles.

By the way, it is quite possible to rent an electric snowmobile — the service is announced on the manufacturer’s website.

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