Electric snowboard of Russian production


Many people think about the possibility of snowboarding not only on a slope, but also on a horizontal surface, but not many bring this idea to practical implementation.

One of those who succeeded —

The first version was a tracked prototype, which was powered by two lead-acid batteries connected in series (24 V, 12 Ah).

The capacity was enough for only 20 minutes of driving — this is not surprising, because in order to bend a caterpillar, especially in winter, when the rubber becomes stiffer, you need to spend a significant amount of energy.

In order to reduce losses and increase the range and travel time on a single charge, it was decided to replace the track with a wheel. At the same time, two options were considered: a motor-wheel with a wide tire and a version with a narrow tire, on which sections of polypropylene pipes, cut lengthwise, are fixed.

Tests have shown that a wheel with a polypropylene tube attachment is more efficient than a motor wheel with a wide tire. A lithium-iron-fasfate battery was used as a power source.

The final version looks impressive and is virtually indistinguishable from the factory-made product.

Of course, such an electric snowboard is designed for riding on shallow and packed snow, but why is this not entertainment on gray winter days ?!

Videos using an electric snowboard look pretty tempting — there is a desire to ride it yourself!

In addition to the electric snowboard, Alexey is developing a tracked snowmobile, but this is a topic for a separate article.

We wish Alexey good luck and success in his development!

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The article uses materials from the site electrotransport.ru.