Electric motorcycle Ural with a power of 45 kW, which accelerates to 140 km / h


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Probably, there is no one who has not heard about the legendary motorcycle with a sidecar «Ural M62» (if only representatives of the younger generation). It was produced by the Irbit Motorcycle Plant (IMZ «Ural») from 1961 to 1965.

But before moving on to the electric version, I would like to say a few words about the modern analogue of the same Urals, which is still produced by the Irbit plant, but already under the name CT 2020.

It is now a stylish motorcycle with 18-inch wheels and a 745cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine. with a capacity of 41 hp. (at 5500 rpm), producing a torque of 57 Nm (at 4300 rpm).

With a fuel tank volume of 19 liters and a consumption of 7.6 liters per hundred, the cruising range is about 250 km, and the recommended maximum speed is 110 km / h.

In 2018, an electric version was built on the basis of the CT motorcycle, using the Zero Motorcycles power unit, which includes an engine, battery, controller and other components.

At the same time, the Californian company ICG was engaged in the manufacture of the initial prototype and the development of the overall design.

The motorcycle was equipped with a brushless Z-Force 75-7 engine with a power of 60 hp. (

Two lithium-ion batteries ZF13.0 and ZF6.5 are used as a power source, providing a total capacity of 19.5 kWh.

The 1.3 kW charger is located in the place of the fuel tank, and the charging connector is hidden under the screw cap.

All the parameters of the trip, as well as the state of the system, are displayed on the liquid crystal display, which took the place of the pointer speedometer.

It takes about 15 hours to fully charge the batteries, after which the motorcycle can be ridden until the next recharge.


Unfortunately, at the moment, the Ural electric motorcycle project has not moved from the prototype to the serial production stage. And it is also disappointing that imported components were used for electrification. After all, they could have applied modern Russian developments and products of our factories and enterprises? What do you think?

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