Electric lawnmower bike, assembled 34 years ago, still on the run


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Today I want to tell you about a rather funny electric bike, built by an engineer from New Zealand in 1986.

Trevor Birt bought a green Flyer 10-speed road bike from a friend in the early 1980s and has been using it for several years.

When he got his Morrison electric lawnmower, Trevor thought about electrifying the bike, and spent a couple of days developing the project.

The engineer welded the necessary brackets to the frame and began to install the electrical equipment. The engine is located on the left side, and the lead battery is on the right, so that they balance each other.

The electric bike received a friction drive — the torque is transmitted from the electric motor through the pressure roller directly to the rear wheel tire.

The design provides for two high-speed riding modes: on one bike accelerates to 22 km / h, on the second — up to 30 km / h. The power reserve on a single battery charge is about 30 km, which is not so much by modern standards.

Nevertheless, the electric bike has a distinctive feature that most modern counterparts do not have — the presence of a small solar battery.

The engineer considers the only drawback to be a rather significant weight of the bicycle, which is practically incomparable with modern counterparts. However, the bike continues to be used to this day.

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