Electric chopper with a kit of Russian assembly and a power reserve of up to 70 km


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The other day from the custom workshop

It is not so easy to ride on the Samara roads on such a unit without an electrician — there are quite serious climbs in the city, into which it will not be possible to enter even with such a 3-speed hub from Sturmey Archer.

Gear shifting of the transmission is carried out using a stainless steel lever mounted on the frame on the right side.

In the front wheel, the guys installed a compact and lightweight, but at the same time quite sprightly 1000W motor. For this, an anodized aluminum adapter ring had to be pre-fabricated in order to take out the flange.

The brutal black lithium-ion battery is securely attached to the frame, but at the same time it is quick-detachable and locked with a key. The capacity of 576 Wh (12 Ah at 48 V) is enough to drive up to 35 km on a single charge solely on the throttle stick, or up to 70 km if you use the pedals.

The battery is installed on an anodized aluminum platform, on the left side of which a compact Russian-made controller is fixed

A buck voltage converter is installed on the right side of the platform. It converts 48V from the battery into 5V to power the USB port brought out to the steering wheel.

The USB port delivers up to 3.2A DC and is capable of powering up to 16W of a headlamp, or charging a mobile device.

The compact LCD display saves all the necessary parameters of the trip, and also allows you to select the degree of pedaling assistance (assistant mode), on a scale from 1 to 5, that is, how much the engine will help the cyclist.

For this, a PAS sensor is installed in the carriage assembly — the sensor itself is fixed on an aluminum clamp, and the ring with magnets rotates with the star.

Regardless of the degree of assistance selected on the display, the throttle stick is always available at full power, it is convenient to use it before small climbs to quickly accelerate without switching the mode.

The owners of these handsome men — a guy and a girl — went home on them in the snow on their own, but as soon as the asphalt appeared, they could be met on the streets of Samara.

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