Electric bike with hydraulic drive.


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It’s never too late to reinvent the bicycle, as evidenced by OYO Bike, an e-bike that uses a hydraulic transmission instead of a chain.

As you know, a bicycle chain requires maintenance — from cleaning and lubricating to repairing after a break. In addition, adhering dirt and dust creates the risk of staining pants or shoes if accidentally touched.

OYO does not have a chain, which means it allows you to get rid of the listed disadvantages. It is equipped with a closed system through which liquid circulates. As you pedal, fluid flows through channels inside the frame to the hydraulic motor located in the center of the rear wheel, causing it to spin.

The idea of creating such a bicycle was born more than 6 years ago, and by now it is already the sixth prototype. OYO has raised the required amount on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and is ready to move to the stage of mass production.

But as you noticed, this is still an e-bike, and it is equipped with a 250W Oli eBikes Systems bottom bracket motor, a 36V 400Wh lithium-ion battery and an LCD display. According to the manufacturer, the OYO has a range of up to 80 km.

The principle of operation is as follows. When the cyclist pedals, the electric motor starts, pumping fluid in the system, which in turn rotates the rear wheel.

Thanks to the torque sensor, PAS sensor and speed sensor, the bike seems to adapt to the rider. The harder you press on the pedals, the more power is supplied from the battery to the electric motor, and the faster the wheel spins.

The display allows you to select one of five power modes, or rather, the degree of pedaling assistance. In maximum mode, engine assistance is provided, 4 times the force of the driver on the pedals.

The maximum speed up to which the engine will operate is 25 km / h, in accordance with European standards, but we know that such restrictions can be circumvented by some manipulations with the speed sensor, moreover, in some cases, the possibility of unblocking is secretly provided by himself manufacturer.

The bike will come with smartphone software that will block the system from being hijacked. Although I would not rely solely on her, and would prefer to fasten the bike with an additional chain, because it is not so heavy (25 kg) that an intruder could not throw it into a van and drive off into the sunset.

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on the bike, so if something happens to the hydraulic system during this period, the owner can disconnect it from the rest of the bike and send it for free repair.

Although, if the system is so easily disconnected, dividing the frame into two halves, the question arises of how reliable the structure as a whole is, and whether one half will begin to disconnect from the other during active use.

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