Electric bike of the Russian assembly with a turn of up to 100 km and more.


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Today I will tell about two beautiful, powerful and passable electrofat bikes built on the basis

Let’s begin with that

Now let’s look at the ready-made electric bikes. Actually company

Bicycles are built on an aluminum frame, thanks to which are quite light. Despite the hard fork, the bike rolls quite gently — the depreciation provides wide tires with a size of 26 x 4 inches.

Braking is carried out thanks to the Tektro mechanical disc brake with a 180 mm rotor.

Rear installed switch for 8 speeds

Both bike are equipped with a reliable engine Bafang power

At the output of the cable from the axis of the engine, a special protection from a monolithic polycarbonate is installed, which will help to avoid damage when the bike falls on the right side, or with a different mechanical effect.

A sealed connector makes it easy to turn off the engine for diagnostics or, if necessary, remove the wheel in the case of a puncture.

On one bike installed battery

The body of the battery is sealed, made of monolithic polycarbonate and composite materials, in front there is a handle for ease of carrying, and on the left side there is a charging connector.

On the right side of the battery installed a lock protecting it from theft.

After removing the battery, you can see a platform from anodized aluminum, rigidly fixed on the bottom tube frame. In addition to using the threaded holes of the bottle mounting, it is reliably held by two polycarbonate clamps made exactly on the form of a pipe profile.

The engine controller is fixed on the seat pipe. All the wires coming out of it have sealed julet connectors, so the bike is not afraid of a heavy rain, nor slush, nor snow.

On the left on the steering wheel there is a display that allows you to establish a degree of care for pedaling (1 — weak help, 5 — full gas), and displaying all the necessary travel parameters, such as speed, distance, time, as well as battery voltage. The display has a built-in backlight, allowing the bike to operate in the dark time.

Also for ride at night there is a headlight Gaciron, which in this case is autonomous. But if desired, you can order in

On the right on the steering wheel, the Half-Twist gas handle is located. It works at the maximum no matter what degree of help is installed on the display. You can ride a comfortable help level for yourself, and if necessary, enter the steep slide just turning the gas handle.

The boot was installed at the back, on which you can place a bag with things, and bicycles are equipped with full-size wings to protect against water and dirt.

In the kit also goes a comfortable footboard, allowing you to put a bike anywhere, and not to look for a place to lean it or put on the side.

The stroke of the electric bicycles is slightly different, due to different batteries, and depends on the speed of movement. On the battery

The weight of finished electric bikes is

Electrobike characteristics:

The weight:

Frame material: aluminum alloy

Engine Type: Motor-Wheel with 2-Stage Gear

Power nominal (peak):

Battery Type:

Battery capacity:

Power reserve on the gas handle:


Assistant Type: PAS-Sensor

Maximum speed:


Rear switch:


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