Electric bike assembled in Russia with a torque sensor, two Li-Ion batteries and a power reserve of up to 180 km


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The two quick-release batteries on the e-bike give you the perfect choice — ride a lighter bike with one battery, or go long distance with two.

And such an opportunity has an electric bike based on a bicycle.

The 27.5 «wheeled bike is cool in its own right — it is equipped with a 12-speed Sram NX drivetrain, RockShox suspension fork and Shimano MT501 hydraulic brakes, and weighed 14.5 kg before electrification.

In place of the rear wheel hub, a 1200 W high-torque motor has taken its place, which is practically invisible behind the cassette on the right side and the brake rotor on the left. It has a 2-stage gearbox and dynamically accelerates the bike to 50 km / h.

Now about the batteries. They are for a nominal voltage of 48 V and there are two of them — one inside the frame triangle, the second from the bottom. Both are quick-detachable and lockable. The mountings are the same, this allows you to swap the batteries and continue driving when one of them is discharged.

In case of using only one battery, a plug is provided to protect the lower platform from dirt (second photo).

The compact controller Electronbikes 5035 is assembled on the basis of Markus EVO (Russian manufacturer in Nizhny Novgorod), it provides a long-term current of 35 A and is completely sealed.

What should be said for sure is the proprietary Torque Sensor, Electron Bikes. It is installed in the carriage assembly and transmits to the controller information about the effort with which the cyclist presses on the pedals.

Depending on this effort, more or less power is supplied to the motor — this is especially convenient when actively riding on rough terrain with rapidly changing terrain.

A color LCD is installed to select the degree of engine assistance and view the ride parameters. It also displays engine temperature, ambient temperature and current power.

The throttle stick is located on the right side of the steering wheel and operates at full power, regardless of the degree of assistance selected on the display. It is convenient to use it when you are tired of pedaling, or even in case of an open circuit.

One of the most important components of a powerful e-bike is the brake sensors, which shut off the engine even when the brake levers are pressed slightly.

Here they are custom designed for Shimano MT501 hydraulic brakes and have an anodized aluminum body that is virtually invisible.

Speaking of the range, it is worth noting that one 17 Ah 48 V battery provides a range of 45 km on gas and 90 km if you pedal assistance. With two of these batteries, these values are doubled, and in pedal assist mode, you can already drive 180 km.

Main characteristics:

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