Electric bike assembled in Russia with a power reserve of 130 km and a torque sensor


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Today I would like to tell you about a stylish and at the same time functional electric bike from the company

First, a few words about the donor himself. American brand bike

Suspension fork

Wheel motor power

Despite its compact size, the Aikema engine is quite high-torque, and this is felt throughout the entire acceleration range to maximum

To prevent the engine axle from turning in the dropout, special composite torches are installed that transmit the force to the trunk attachment point.

There is a Julet sealed connector at the end of the motor cable. The detachable connection allows the engine to be disconnected when it is necessary to remove the motor-wheel, for example, when replacing a tube or tire.

Li-ion battery

It is quick-detachable and has an impact-resistant housing made of monolithic polycarbonate and composite materials.

The battery has an additional attachment point for the seat tube of the bike, which significantly increases the reliability of its fixation on the frame, especially under lateral loads.

The charging connector is located on the left side of the battery and is covered by a spring-loaded cap.

On the right side there is a lock that secures the battery to the platform.

The platform is made of anodized aluminum, and in addition to two clamps made of polycarbonate, made in the shape of the pipe profile, it is additionally fixed with bottle screws.

Compact motor controller

Thanks to

If you are tired and don’t want to pedal, you can use the trigger-type throttle grip on the right side of the steering wheel.

All the necessary information about the trip (average and maximum speed, distance, time), as well as the battery level and power supplied to the engine, are displayed on the LCD display.

For driving in the dark, the display has a built-in backlight, and a headlight is installed on the steering wheel

The headlight is powered by

The USB connector is connected to a voltage buck converter powered by the main battery and rated for a maximum current of 3.2 A. The connector can be used to recharge your mobile device, so you will not be left without communication.

Hydraulic brake levers are equipped with case

Sensors turn off the engine when the brake levers are pressed, this is necessary to ensure safety, for example, in a situation when there are children or the roadway nearby.

All electrical wiring on the bike is sealed thanks to the use of well-proven connectors

Tetrarack front rack from a renowned brand


The bike comes with a 5A charger, which will fully charge its rather capacious battery in a little more than 5 hours.

Semi-fat tires provide the bike with good cross-country ability, and the 1200 W engine and 26 Ah battery provide the required speed of 50 km / h and a power reserve of up to 130 km. The trunks can accommodate everything you need for fishing or a short hike.

Assembling the e-bike:

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