Electric bike: a cure for traffic jams


I became the owner of an e-bike three years ago and it changed my life. I will say right away: this pleasure is not cheap, but I also got the appropriate quality for the money spent, so I almost do not regret it.

At the Grushinsky festival held annually in the Samara region, I met an old friend. He said that he works for the company

A couple of weeks later, I got to his work and a friend rolled out of the gate of the electric horse workshop. It was a Merida bike, and it didn’t look very fresh, it turned out that it was also used in winter, from which the wear and tear of bicycle components increased many times over.

Taking the bike, I felt that it was a little heavier than usual. I jumped on it and started pedaling. And then I felt how the motor installed in the rear wheel helps me. It was an assistant mode. When pedaling, a sensor installed in the carriage assembly is triggered, and power is supplied to the motor proportional to the number selected by the cyclist on the display. There was a feeling that the bike had become weightless, and I drove a circle around the yard.

Now I decided to use the throttle and, choosing a straight section, pulled the trigger. The bike began to accelerate, so that it was breathtaking! I left the yard and headed for the road. It was interesting to what speed a bicycle can be accelerated on the throttle handle, without the aid of the pedals.

The road went uphill, and I pressed the gas again. Acceleration continued for several blocks, and the bike picked up a speed of 40 km / h, then there was an intersection, and I stopped. Surprise and delight overwhelmed me along with other emotions, but now the main question has formed in my head: how far can such a powerful device travel in throttle mode, without the help of a cyclist.

The bike that a friend gave me to try had the following characteristics:

  • 1200 W motor with two-stage gearbox and built-in temperature sensor;
  • quick-detachable shock-resistant 48-volt lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 15 ampere-hours;
  • motor control controller designed for a current of 25 amperes;
  • LCD3 display, which, in addition to speeds and distances, shows the battery charge, engine temperature and the current power supplied to the engine;
  • waterproof wiring that allows you to use the bike in the rain and in winter;
  • USB port for connecting a front light and recharging the phone;
  • rear brake light, which flashes when driving, and lights up red when the brake levers are pressed;
  • the range on such a bike with a charged battery without pedaling is 40 km, while pedaling — up to 100 km.

It was surprising to me at that time how much power is stored in such a small battery. It just didn’t fit in my head. In addition, I have not yet realized what freedom of movement an electric bike opens up — from driving around the city to long trips to nature.

Having saved up some money, I decided to electrify my old Author Basic SX, purchased either in 2004 or in 2005. The bike has changed beyond recognition, and got a new life. It can still be taken to the apartment (and we don’t have an elevator), but now I use it every day, with rare exceptions.

The electrical kit I have on my bike is simpler than the one on the Merida bike that a friend gave me to try, but it was also cheaper. Nevertheless, it dynamically accelerates me to a speed of 43 km / h and allows you to travel from 35 km to 100 km on a single charge. It also has a lighting kit and a USB port for charging the phone, a kind of mega-powerbank.

To be able to go on trips with my wife, we made her bike also electric, and she is delighted with how long uphill climbs, which used to suck all the juices, became invisible and enjoyable.

I sold the car, and now I don’t know what it means to be in a traffic jam. By simply calculating how much it costs to use a car, including the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, insurance and taxes, I came to the conclusion that it is very convenient, fast and cheap to travel by e-bike during the cycling season (from April to October), and use walking walks that are also good for your health, public transport or taxis.

So, let’s summarize the above with a list of the advantages and disadvantages of an electric bike that I personally experienced not myself.

Let’s start with the cons:

Now about the pros:

In the next articles I will talk about the device of an electric bike and delve into the work of its individual components in more detail, so that

Thank you for your time.

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