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Today we’ll look at a pair of belt-driven e-bikes. Let’s compare, discuss, summarize. I hope you find it interesting!

The main

But is it possible to make an electric bike even more

It would seem that during normal riding on an electric bike, the chain is almost inaudible. This is so if you don’t pedal and ride like an electric motorcycle. But if your goal is not only pleasure, but also physical activity, you still use the pedals.

By the way, the noiselessness —

Secondly, the belt weighs less. If the average chain weighs about 400 grams, then the belt is less than a hundred. Total — 300 grams of difference, which affects not only the total weight of the bike, but also the inertia. For example, in front of a slide, it is easier to pedal and drive without shifting to a lower gear.

And of course, the belt drive is more

Today I propose to consider two options for electric bicycles with a belt drive: one is completely factory-made, the second is a non-electric factory bicycle, electrified in a Russian e-bike workshop.

The first to look at the «eT01 Nuvinci Mixte» electric bike from

This is a bicycle with a central (bottom bracket) motor on 28 «wheels, weighing 23.9 kg, Nuvinci planetary hub is installed in the rear wheel. Magura MT2 hydraulic brakes.

And here is how he describes

«This carbon fiber-reinforced belt is maintenance-free and lasts much longer than a regular chain and does not require lubrication. Pedaling is smooth and quiet.»

The electrical part is a Bosch equipment set based on



You can monitor trip parameters

turning on and off electrical equipment;

selection of one of four modes of assistance (assistant level);

display of the battery charge level, current time, trip time, speed (maximum, average, current), distance (this trip and total).

The manufacturer decided not to include a throttle stick in the electrical equipment, so it will not work to ride this model like an electric motorcycle. The assistant will only assist when pedaling.

By the way,

ECO, torque 35 Nm;

TOUR, torque 45 Nm;

SPORT, torque 50 Nm;

TURBO, torque 65 Nm.

Almost all


I would also like to mention that the motor will only help up to a speed of 25 km / h, and if it is exceeded, it will turn off.

The second e-bike we will look at today will be a model based on

Before moving on to the electrical part, let’s talk about the donor. This is a great city bike from Australian manufacturer Apollo. It is built on a 6061 alloy aluminum frame with butted technology, which significantly strengthens the frame and keeps it lightweight.

The bike is equipped with a rigid aluminum fork, 28 «double rim wheels and Promax Solve ST hydraulic disc brakes. CST Sensamo tires have puncture protection and reflective stripes.

High quality



The photo also shows the torque arm (dropout booster), which prevents the engine axle from turning inside the fork.


This controller has the function

Further, as you drive in the first or second assistance mode, the engine cools down, and the thermal protection is automatically turned off, and the throttle stick starts working again.


It is manufactured in our own Electronbikes workshop and has a high degree of reliability, including through the use of high-current Li-ion cells, high-quality assembly and a monolithic polycarbonate housing.

Both the battery and the controller are fixed to the frame with polycarbonate clamps made to the shape of the profile.

Due to its high strength and impact strength (250-500 kJ / m2)

The bike is set

When switching the display mode, you can also view other parameters and make settings (such as limiting the maximum speed, maximum controller current, etc.).

This bike is equipped with a cadence sensor, which is required for operation.

There are only five such modes: the first aid is minimal — less than 200 W, the fifth — the maximum — 860 W. The throttle stick operates independently of the pedal assist, at full power.

On the gas handle, without pedaling, the bike rides on a single charge

In this case, of course, it is worth noting that

Due to the fact that the bike frame was not originally intended for its transformation into an electric bike, all

For clarity, I have summarized the main characteristics of e-bikes in a general table:

Let’s summarize.

The Peugeot eT01 Nuvinci Mixte electric bike is less powerful (400 W versus 860 W) and heavier (23.9 kg versus 18.5 kg), its maximum speed at which the motor helps the movement is 25 km / h versus 40 km / h for the Electronbikes model.

The Peugeot bike uses a torque sensor, thanks to which the maximum mileage is slightly higher than the competitor with a PAS sensor.

The center motor bike has the best

What’s more, the use of front-wheel drive makes the bike

And of course, many people like to ride an electric bike like an electric motorcycle, without turning the pedals — it will not do without a throttle grip, which Electronbikes have and Peugeot does not.

In my opinion, using a belt drive on a bike weighing almost 24 kg is not entirely justified. But weight aside, of course quietness and no maintenance or lubrication of the chain are of great importance.

And finally, about

Tell us what you think about the belt drive and share your experience in the comments.


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The article uses materials from the sites cycles.peugeot.com, bosch-ebike.com.