Electric bicycles assembled in Russia with a power reserve of 80 km and a power of 1.3 kW


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Electrifying a full suspension is often tricky, as the space in the frame triangle eats up the rear shock, and in some cases there is simply no room for the battery.

However, if the battery has a suitable shape, this task is quite feasible, even taking into account the fact that the battery is quick-detachable.

Today we will consider an electric bike based on a double suspension

The Norco Fluid model was not chosen by chance — this is an excellent bike for those who like to ride on trails, it has shock absorbers


But an engine of such power cannot be simply put on this bike — it is necessary to install amplifiers for dropouts (torkarms) so that the axle does not crank at the attachment point.

The dropout amplifiers must somehow hold on to the frame — a specially made element is installed on the left side that connects the torcarm with the attachment point of the brake machine.

On the right side, the torcarm has a more complex shape — it goes around the dropout and is attached to the feather with a clamp. This structure is made of anodized aluminum, which provides the required structural rigidity.

The motor cable has a sealed Julet connector that is water resistant and ensures a long service life. The presence of such a connector turns out to be very useful when it becomes necessary to remove the wheel, for example, during a puncture.

48V Li-ion battery

On the left side of the battery there is a charging connector covered by a lid, and on the front there is a convenient carrying handle.

On the right side there is a lock, which not only fixes the battery on the platform, but also performs the function of supplying power, so taking the key with you, you exclude the possibility of turning on the electrics by an unauthorized person.

A compact engine controller is located behind the battery.

On the left side of the steering wheel is the KT-LCD5 LCD display, which has a backlight function for driving in the dark. It displays all necessary trip parameters (speed, time, distance) and system parameters (such as battery voltage).

In addition, using the buttons on the display, the driver selects the degree of pedaling assistance, from 1 (weak) to 5 (maximum).

If you are tired and do not want to pedal, you can use the trigger-type throttle grip located on the right side of the steering wheel.

The battery charge on the throttle handle is enough for 40 km, and if you help with the pedals — for

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