Electric bicycle with the newest Russian production controller and stroke reserve up to 80 km and more


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Today there will be an overview of the electric bike based on the donor of Haro Double Peak 27.5 TRAIL PLUS. When it is electrified, the engine controller is used, which is fully designed and produced in Russia, which personally makes me very much.

By the way, the controller is so compact that it is not even immediately noticed by bike.

But let’s in order. Haro Double Peak is a mountain bike with wide tires (semi-blowing). It has an amateur-class equipment, including the 9-speed rear switch Shimano Altus M2000 and a 2-speed front switch. Disk hydraulic brakes Shimano BR-MT200.

Aluminum frame, SR SUNTOUR XCT-30 HLO 27.5+ shock absorption plug, dual aluminum rim XD-155. The bike is designed for active ride on various roads and crossed terrain. The wheel diameter is 27.5 inches, the weight of the bike to electrification is 15.6 kg.

Bicycle electrification performed company

Now let’s look at the electrical part. AIKEMA engine with a 2-speed reducer with a capacity of 1500 W is located in the rear wheel. The weight of the motor is only 2.8 kg, which is quite small, especially in comparison with the motor direct drive. The installed drill amplifiers prevent the engine axis turning.

For ease of maintenance on the engine cable, there is a sealed julet connector. So, if necessary, remove the wheel enough to unscrew the nuts and open the connector.

A quick-release lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 720 VTH (15 Ah, 48 V) is installed at the bottom of the frame triangle in order to maximize the center of gravity of the bike and increase its handling. Collected according to 13S5P scheme from 65 high-strength Yle sizes 18650, 3000 mAh each.

Battery case is made of monolithic polycarbonate and composite materials. The sidewall is a charging connector, ahead — a handle for the convenience of transportation.

The battery is reliably fixed on a platform from anodized aluminum, which is fixed not only with the help of the holes of the bottle mount, but also fastened to the clamps made in the form of the bottom tube profile.

After removing the battery, you can see the very controller of the Russian development, fixed on the seat pipe. This version is calculated for the current 35 A. There are also options for 20 A and 50 A. The controller has dimensions of 92 x 20 x 40 mm, which makes it the most compact and not having analogues in the world.

In the carriage unit, a PAS sensor is installed in the implementation of the assistant mode, that is, the help of pedaling mode. When the cyclist turns the pedals, the sensor works and the required portion of the energy is directed to the engine.

How long is the energy to send to the engine, is determined by the number installed on the display by the user itself. If one is installed, it is the weakest help. With the value of 5 — maximum gas.

In addition to the display, a chicken type gas handle is installed on the steering wheel. It is convenient to use it when you enter the mountain, or if you wish to accelerate the maximum, without changing the help of the display.

The electric bike accelerates to 50 km / h, has a stroke reserve up to 80 km and more in assistant mode, and in case of driving without pedals, using only a gas handle, which is guaranteed 40 km.

The weight

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