Electric bicycle of the Russian assembly with a capacity of 1500 watts with a stroke of 150 km


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Today we will tell about electricity weighing only 25 kg, built on the basis of a beautiful two-power

What do we see here? Wheels by 27.5 «, shown in universal tires Continental X-King 2.2 width Tires, Shimano Deore XT equipment, anterior fork and rear Fox shock absorber with a general lock on the steering wheel — a bike is simply created for fast driving on any types of surfaces.

The light motor for 1500 W long-term power, located on the place of the rear wheel sleeve, accelerates the bike to 50 km / h. And this, to be honest, more than enough for a light bike.

The high dynamics of the bike is ensured by the built-in two-stage gearbox, and the integrated overtaking clutch guarantees a good risk — unlike heavy motor wheels direct drive.

But even more interesting things that the motor-wheel is installed in the axial mount — for this, the engine is modified in a certain way, which does not make any of the competitors’ companies.

To enter a quick-release battery of the maximum capacity (34 Ah 48 V), the platform was lifted over the rear shock absorber, and for additional stability, the side load point was added to the seat to the seat.

Unavailable in size with a battery, the electronbikes 5035 compact controller is located right below it. Having compact dimensions, he with ease passes through itself 35 amps of the battery current, issuing more than 1.5 kW of energy to the engine.

What is nice, the controller is designed in Russia, and its platform (Markus EVO) is collected in Nizhny Novgorod, — What is not a reason to be glad for the domestic producer?

All trips parameters store and displays the LCD displayed on the steering wheel on the left, next to the shock absorbers’ lock lever.

Under the thumb of the right hand, the gas handle lever is located (accelerator). Tired of twist — just press gas!

But always only for gas is also bored (at least to me), so the manufacturer has installed a PAS sensor in the carriage area — even if you do not make a lot of effort, the reserve of the course in this mode can be increased by 2 times.

And if without pedals on the battery, the bike passes 75 km, then with pedals — already 150 km, or even more.

The electric bicycle is a great way to make your life brighter, fill it with new impressions and emotions, more often to go outdoors and communicate with friends. And just — abandon public transport and expectations in traffic jams.

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