Electric bicycle of the Russian assembly at 1300 W and a stroke of 80 km and more


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Today there will be an overview of the electric bike collected on the basis of

When building an electric bike as a basis was chosen relatively inexpensive GT Avalanche 9R Sport on 29-inch wheels, which, by the way, at the time of writing the article in Trial Sport

The bicycle frame is made of aluminum alloy 6061 over the patented Triple Triangle technology. Depreciation fork

Rear switch and cassette —

Front Switch Shimano Altus, 3 speeds.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Now by electrical part. Russian company

His heart is the Aikema motor installed in the rear wheel. Power

In order for the axis of the engine at such a power, Torcarm or throws amplifiers are installed on both sides.

The source of energy for the electric motor is the quick-use battery collected from

It has a hermetic shockproof housing from monolithic polycarbonate and composite materials, and on the right side there is a lock that provides reliable fixation on the platform.


On the left side of the battery there is a charging connector, and in front — a comfortable handle so that the battery can be easily taken with me to charge the house or in the office.


In addition, the battery is additionally fixed by the screw fastening screws, so it does not threaten the shaking, nor side loads in the fall.

On similar clamps for the seats, the engine controller is fixed on

From the controller to the control bodies on the steering wheel, one integration cable is underway to which the display, the gas handle and the brake sensors are connected.

Liquid crystal display

In addition, using the cyclist control buttons, it can choose a degree of care for pedaling (

On the right side of the steering wheel, a chicken type gas handle is installed, which always works at a maximum, regardless of the selected help mode.

It is convenient in cases where you move on a comfortable assistant (for example, 2), and starts up — then it is enough to press gas, fly into the slide and continue the movement without being distracted by switching the mode on the display.

For movement during or after rain on a bike, a full-size wings protecting a cyclist from splashes of water and dirt are installed.

When installing the front wing, specialized fastening clamps were made on the plug, all of the same reliable polycarbonate.

Wings, by the way, from the German brand SKS, quite high quality.

To enhance comfort when riding, the standard saddle was replaced by the product of the Italian company

The bike was pretty light — total

Manufacturer gives

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