Electric bicycle assembled in Russia with a central motor and a power reserve of 80 km or more


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Today we will consider an electric bike based on a semi-fat bike

Format 1314 Plus (2019)

Rear derailleur

Russian company based on Format bicycle

As you know, the heart of an electric bike is the engine, and in this case it is


That is, with a central motor, you can either drive up a very steep hill by engaging a lower gear in advance, or accelerate along the highway to high speed by engaging a higher gear.

In addition, the location of the engine in the bottom bracket of the bicycle improves its weight distribution by shifting the center of gravity towards the center.

At the same time, the Tongsheng central motor has a built-in

In the case of the PAS sensor, everything is different — there the sensor only reports the fact of pedaling, regardless of the applied force.

A quick-detachable battery, assembled from 65 lithium-ion high-current cells, in an impact-resistant case made of monolithic polycarbonate, has a capacity

The battery platform is made of anodized aluminum and is very rigidly fixed — thanks not only to the bottle mounting holes, but also to the clamps that are made to the shape of the lower tube of the frame triangle.

The steering wheel has a fairly large display that shows speed, distance, battery level, the selected assistance mode (Eco, Tour, Speed or Turbo), as well as other necessary ride parameters.

Thanks to the built-in backlight on the display, the electric bike can be operated in the dark.

For ease of control and switching of assistance modes, a control panel is installed on the left of the steering wheel, duplicating all the display buttons.

On the other side of the steering wheel there is a trigger-type throttle grip. What is noteworthy, initially the set of equipment for the central motor did not include a throttle stick, since the manufacturer intended it to be used only in assistant mode (with a torque sensor), but Electronbikes implemented this function.

Since the bike has a central motor, and the motor controller does not know which gear the cyclist is currently using, he needs an appropriate sensor to determine the speed — it is located on the rear end of the bike.

The total weight of the e-bike was

Even if the battery is completely discharged during the ride, it will be easy to get home on such a bike. For comparison, it is much more difficult to do this on heavy e-bikes weighing more than 25-30 kg.

An electric bike with a central motor is suitable for those who ride both steep hills and long distances along the highway. Thanks to the 2.8 «tires, it can easily drive on uneven and loose surfaces. Of course, this does not mean deep dry sand — only four-wheel drive will help there.

Electric bike characteristics:

The weight:

Frame material: 6061 aluminum alloy

Engine’s type:

Rated power (peak):

Battery Type:

Battery capacity:

Power reserve on the throttle grip:


Assistant type: Torque-sensor (force sensor when pressing the pedal)

Maximum speed:

Tires: CST Patrol,



Rear derailleur:


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