Electric bicycle assembled in Russia with a capacity of 2500 W and a power reserve of up to 300 km and more


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Today is a quick overview of the fatbike e-bike

By itself

The bike is built on a tough yet lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with butted technology. It is equipped with professional grade equipment: rear derailleur


As on

However, with one significant difference — this time the native motor control controller has been replaced with a controller

The torque from the engine is transmitted to the chainring, and then through the second chain to the wheel. To protect clothing from falling into the chain, a decorative patch is installed.


The battery is quick-detachable, lockable and has an additional attachment point — behind the seat tube.

The very same platform, on which the battery sits, is made of anodized aluminum and is securely fixed with three polycarbonate clamps and two bottle screws.

On the left side of the steering wheel there is a KT-LCD7 liquid crystal display, which allows you to monitor the ride parameters (speed, time, distance) and system parameters (battery level). In addition, using the buttons on the display, the cyclist sets the pedaling assist mode, there are only 5 of them — from the weakest (1) to the most powerful (5).

The wiring is done using an integration cable to minimize the amount of wires from the steering wheel to the controller, and all connectors are waterproof, made by Julet.

On the right side of the steering wheel there is a trigger-type throttle grip. It always works at full capacity, regardless of the selected assistance mode. For example, on flat terrain, it is quite convenient to drive in mode 1 or 2, and on the ascents, just press the gas and fly into the hill at maximum power.

The brake levers are equipped with brake sensors, which are not immediately noticeable, as they are made of anodized aluminum and fit into the overall concept.

Sensors are required to shut off the engine when the brakes are applied — a safety requirement for high-performance e-bikes. By the way,

Well-proven seat post for increased cycling comfort

The bike is capable of speeds up to

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