E-bike built specifically to protect against Covid-19


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While some people prefer to stay at home to avoid contacts on public transport, others try to find a way out, and sometimes it looks pretty funny.

In Tripura, a state in eastern India, a YouTube author named Parta Saha has developed an electric motorcycle that provides a distance of one meter between rider and passenger. Maintaining a distance of one meter is part of the WHO guidelines for combating COVID-19.

The electric bike is assembled from steel pipes of rectangular cross-section, so it is unlikely to be able to boast of a lightweight design. Nevertheless, it has front and rear shock absorbers, which means that driving even on poor quality rural roads will be quite comfortable.

For his electric motorcycle, Sakha used a 750 W motor, which he bolted to brackets welded to the frame. The engine juts out pretty well on the left side.

The ECM and 48V 30Ah Li-ion battery are installed in the center of the motorcycle. It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge, after which the motorcycle can travel more than 80 km.

In addition, the e-bike has two seats, driver and passenger footrests, a footrest and even a headlight for evening riding.

Sakha plans to use the bike to raise awareness of social distancing norms among his fellow citizens and his followers.

Until 2018, Sakha was an instructor at a technical institute but dropped out to become a YouTube content creator. His channel «Technical Partha» has over 3 thousand subscribers.

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