Duyunov’s motor-wheel for an electric bike — a real development or a financial pyramid?


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Today we’ll talk about the electric motor developed by the inventor Dmitry Duyunov. There is so much noise around him today that I am, frankly, a little confused. Let’s try to figure it out together.

Why, to develop not the most cunning engine, it was necessary to attract funds from the population in the amount of several

The «Slavyanka» winding is used in the Duyunov induction motor, which combines two types of windings — «star» and «triangle», and allows to increase the efficiency of the motor.

A patent was even obtained for this combined type winding, although some sources suggested that such a combined winding was patented back in the 80s of the last century by several European companies.

In addition, unlike the Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC), which is so common among electric cyclists, the Duyunov

These magnets, as you know, are made from rare-earth metals, mined mainly in China, and the rejection of magnets, according to the assurances of Duyunov’s company, will allow organizing a full production cycle of such efficient motors entirely in Russia.

To be honest, I would only be glad if in Russia it was possible to purchase a highly efficient Duyunov induction motor for assembling an electric bike with your own hands.

But today such an engine cannot be purchased, since production has not yet started. Accordingly, the question arises — when will it be possible to buy a Duyunov motor and what will be its real characteristics and price.

From what I was able to find on the Internet, these are the characteristics of the Duyunov wheel motor of the Kolobok model:

When using a battery of 29.4 Ah 48 V, moving at a speed of 25 km / h, for such an electric bike (or, rather, an electric motorcycle), a power reserve of 130 km is declared.

But how real these figures are, it is difficult to say. If you have found real tests of this electric motorcycle for a range (so that someone can fully charge the battery and ride until it is completely discharged), write in the comments.

In those videos that I met, either the battery was not fully charged and it managed to drive only 12 km (and back the author of the video 12 km pedaled with great difficulty), or they drove a short distance on it and «recalculated» the energy consumption to the theoretical power reserve.

Having completed a query in Google for the phrase «Motor wheel of Duyunov», we get links to sites, or sections on sites created specifically for this project, or rather, under

Here is the first link:

The site contains a lot of different information about the advantages, the scope of Duyunov engines, and, of course, the conditions for investing in the project. The minimum contribution package is already

The total amount of investments planned to be raised is

And here is how the project team is presented: the inventor himself, Dmitry, his son Yevgeny, and the process engineer Igor.

On the same site, just below, there are people directly related to investment activities.

Both of these can be found on numerous videos on YouTube — some in the laboratory, at exhibitions and webinars, others — on all kinds of investment forums and presentations.

But what, in my opinion, is very alarming and makes the project quite similar to a financial pyramid:



Moreover, he was also a participant «




And it seems that this is not in its pure form a financial pyramid, since the project seems to have fixed assets — numerous equipment purchased for the laboratory, which can be observed on video recordings, and even the territory in the special economic zone where the construction of the necessary buildings and structures is planned.

However, the bulk of the funds collected, apparently, is still deposited in the Solar group limited, so you need to understand that it is likely that, in fact, not so much the organization of Duyunov itself is financed, but the offshore company of Sergei Semyonov.

Let’s open, for example, another link of the Duyunov project, or rather, the website of the Solar group company, created to raise funds for the Duyunov project:

And if now we press the button «Register in the project» and scroll down the opened page by scrolling the mouse down, you can see translucent links, including «Risk warning».

I clicked on it and a PDF document opened with text in Russian and English, on the very first page of which it is indicated that

Exactly the same risk warning is posted at the bottom (in the so-called «footer») of the site

So we are warned of risks wherever they offer to invest in a project. And if (or when) the Solar group limited company declares itself bankrupt, all «investors» will point to this document with the wording «you were warned, you knew what you were doing.»

Or, by analogy with the goblin translation of The Big Jackpot, it might sound like «Did you even look into what you invested in? I helped you as best I could.»

And if someone decides to try to challenge the case in court, he will have to go to the UK for this, and the cost of the trip may be comparable to the cost of the investment, despite the fact that victory in court does not seem obvious.

In my opinion, the engine weighs

I would like the electric bike to remain a bike and weigh

When the authors of the project focus on good rolling, one must understand that it is relevant only with respect to the direct drive motor, which creates rolling resistance.

In the case of

Of course, it’s nice to know that this is a Russian development, and if suddenly someday it can replace imported low-power motors for electric bicycles, I will only be glad of it.

As, for example, developed by the Russian company Electronbikes

Let’s not give in to emotions and the desire to «quickly cut the dough.» And of course, soberly assess your investment opportunities, carefully read all documents and risk warnings.

Write in the comments what do you think about the Duyunov wheel motor and fundraising for the project?

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