Dactyloscopic sensor — now for bicycles


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I, like a cyclist with a chain lock Kryptonite weighing 3 kg, simply could not but interest the small biometric Walsun lock with the fingerprint sensor, which weighs only 220 g and can be used both for conventional and electrobic.

The castle is made of stainless steel 304, has dimensions of 75 * 30 * 65 mm and the level of protection against moisture and dust IP65.

Thanks to the rapid fingerprint reader, the castle can be removed in just 1 second. At the same time, it is able to store up to 40 prints, allowing you to access friends and loved ones if necessary.

To install, you must put the disk brake rotor into the lock slot and click on the lock button.

Charging the lock is carried out using the USB Type-C cable that comes in the kit. Inside the battery is 3.7 in a capacity of 120 mAh. The manufacturer spent on the development of the castle about a year.

Walsun’s cycling castle is available on Kickstarter’s crowdfining platform at a reduced price of $ 59, which is currently about 3,600 rubles.

Honestly, for me it remained to the manufacturer the question of how the castle will behave if the battery is discharged? It can be assumed that he will be reminiscent of this in advance by flashing the LED indicator, and if the moment is missed — it will simply remain in the closed state, so that the whole responsibility is on the owner.

Someone from my readers uses similar locks (without fingerprint scanner) that block the rotation of the wheel, or still, like me, prefer a reliable chain so that the bike cannot be not only to give, but also carry it out.

If you like it, put «finger up»

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