Comparison of electric fatbikes of Russian and American assembly


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While some cyclists are closing the summer cycling season, others are preparing for the opening of the winter cycling season. As you know, a fat bike, a bike with thick tires, is best suited for riding on snow. And if it’s also electric, winter skiing will allow you to experience an incredible sensation!

Today, let’s compare two electric fatbikes with similar specifications. The first is assembled in the American company Sondors, and the model is called Sondors XS.

The second fat bike is assembled on the basis of a Specialized Fatboy in a Russian company

Both fatbikes are built on an aluminum frame, have rear-wheel drive in the form of a geared motor-wheel with a diameter of 26 «, wide tires and 48V lithium-ion batteries of the same capacity.

The gear motor of the Sondors bike has a rated power of 750 W and can be controlled exclusively by the throttle stick and by the PAS sensor (assistant mode, or pedaling assist mode).

Specialized from Electron Bikes can also operate on the throttle and in assist mode, but its power rating is slightly higher — 860 W, and the peak power reaches 1200 W.

The 17.5Ah battery and 25A controller on the Sondors bike are hidden inside a plastic case that takes up the entire frame triangle. It also contains hidden wires, which has a positive effect on the appearance.

On the second bike, the battery has the same capacity, 17.5 Ah, and is quick-detachable — removing and installing it takes a matter of seconds. The battery is secured by a platform made of anodized aluminum, rigidly fixed to the frame and able to withstand shaking even when driving fast over rough terrain.

The 30 amp controller sits behind the battery — it’s attached to the seat tube with a similar rigid mount.

The Sondors XS has a 7-speed drivetrain, hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors and is capable of accelerating up to

At the same time, the bike is from

Moreover, its weight is only

Of course, this difference in weight and top speed directly affected the price of the bike. For convenience, all the main characteristics of the considered electric bicycles are summarized in the table.

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