Cheap e-bike: is it worth taking?


Is it worth saving up money for an electric bike for 60 thousand or taking an option for 40 thousand rubles? What could be the difference? Let’s figure it out.

The buyer quite often does not want to delve into the true reasons for the low price, and the more of these reasons, the more he does not want to hear about them. He wants to believe that his copy will serve him faithfully for many years if he will handle it carefully.

And the seller is all the more not interested in telling the buyer the disadvantages of a cheap model — he would rather say the typical wording «enough for city driving.»

But it is worthwhile to understand that the Chinese have not been producing products at ultra-low prices for a long time — the price directly depends on the quality of components and assembly.

And an electric bike for 40 thousand rubles is the cheapest bike + the cheapest electrical equipment + the cheapest installation.

Now let’s dive into each of the concepts. Consider the components of a typical cheap e-bike with a rear wheel motor.

Let’s start with

In addition, the load on the frame, suspension fork, bush bearings increases. A heavy bike is more difficult to stop — this leads to increased brake pad wear and, as a result, an increase in injury risk. In addition, poor-quality steering column bearings result in uneven steering and backlash, which also affects safety.

Feels like the bike rolls badly.
The rim is made of thin aluminum (and sometimes it is made of heavy steel), and is more susceptible to «eights», especially under lateral loads. Tires sometimes smell bad — a trifle, but some people are very sensitive to odors.

Due to friction, such a fork cannot work out small irregularities, and when driving on a «primer», vibration will be transmitted to the hands, which is rather unpleasant. Plastic turrets deform rather quickly and play appears, which, in turn, leads to a decrease in controllability and an increase in injury risk.

Now let’s talk about

In the case of a motor with a single-stage gearbox, this is often a plastic girth gear, and, as a result, the motor breaks down under shock loading (curb, for example).

In addition, a low start torque is when the motor cannot start accelerating from a standstill, especially up a small hill, and you have to start off on the pedals, pick up a low speed, and then the motor will be able to help the movement.

Such a battery can contain a control board (BMS) without a balancing function, as a result of which, after a year of operation (and especially improper storage), the battery capacity can be significantly reduced.

In addition, due to the high internal resistance, the voltage drop when the load is connected will be greater, and the BMS will disconnect the battery earlier, that is, the charge mileage will be less.

Very often, the real battery capacity of a cheap Chinese is much lower than the declared one. Such as,

Such connections are unreliable, and work until they are in a room with high humidity, or, for example, on a balcony in winter. It happens that the contacts are oxidized from moisture and the bike stops working.

If you want to determine the distance covered, the maximum, average and current speeds, you will have to additionally install a bike computer or an application with GPS on your phone (which consumes the phone’s battery).

If there are no brake sensors, the bike could be driven onto the road and run over by the vehicle. Often, on cheap e-bikes, brake sensors are not installed at all.

There is no taillight, you have to install your own.

As for

But it should be borne in mind that cheapness implies quick assembly, so this is also a kind of lottery.

The largest seller of electric bicycles in Russia, according to the Internet, is eltreco. On their

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