Carbon e-bike, assembled in Russia, travels with a torque sensor up to 300 km


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Two 48 V batteries with a total capacity of 48 Ah provide this two-suspension with an incredible power reserve, and a Russian-made controller — protection against overheating and the ability to update the firmware, but first things first.

The e-bike is built on a carbon frame and has full suspension with DT Swiss rear shock and RockShox front shock to provide the ride and comfort you need.

The 27.5 «wheels on DT Swiss rims are wrapped in Schwalbe G-One Allround knurled tires, perfect for both asphalt and off-road riding.

Non-electrical equipment also includes a Sram NX Eagle 12-speed rear derailleur and Shimano Deore XT high-performance hydraulic brakes.

Despite the fact that the frame has an axial fastening, a wheel motor with a 2-stage 1500 W gearbox is successfully installed in it, and a dropout amplifier protects it from turning the axle, the thrust of which is fixed by the brake machine fastening.

In addition, a special rotor is integrated into the engine, which allows to reduce heating and increase torque — this is a proprietary development of the Electron Bikes company.

The motor is powered by quick-detachable lithium-ion batteries with an energy capacity of 1152 Wh (24 Ah 48 V) each, there are two of them on the bike — one inside the frame triangle and one on the bottom.

The battery mounts are made of anodized aluminum and are built to withstand heavy loads to withstand even the most violent off-road shocks.

Depending on the situation, you can use 1 or 2 batteries — for example, for city trips, it is enough to leave the upper battery, and replace the lower one with a protective cap.

For trips out of town, over long distances, two batteries are installed, with a total capacity of 48 Ah, which provide a power reserve of 120 km on the throttle stick, and up to 300 km when pedaling.

This efficiency can be achieved thanks to the use of a torque sensor (torque sensor) installed in the carriage assembly — it not only detects the fact of rotation, but also measures the force with which the cyclist presses on the pedals.

A compact sealed controller Electronbikes 5035 based on Markus EVO is used to control the engine using information from the torch sensor — it is located between the batteries and monitors the temperature of the motor, preventing it from overheating.

If you purchase a special cable, you can program the controller yourself, as well as update the firmware when a new software version is released.

To select the degree of assistance and track the parameters of the trip, an LCD display is installed on the left of the steering wheel, and on the right there is a throttle knob, which is pleasant to use before a steep climb or when you are tired of pedaling (photo 2).

Despite the full suspension and two batteries, the total weight of the bike was 30 kg, and with one battery it is only 24 kg.

The torch sensor allows you not to be distracted by switching assistance modes when changing the terrain, since when going uphill, the pressure on the pedals increases, and more power is automatically sent to the engine. This is especially useful when competing where every second counts.

Main characteristics:

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