Can a monowheel with a shock absorber drive the Crimean MTB Marathon 2020?


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Those who participated in cycling marathons in Crimea, as well as those who simply walked in the Crimean mountains, know very well how steep local descents and ascents are, and what surface local paths have.

Stony, alternating with small dark gray crumbs of rocks, the marathon track is not subject to every cyclist, especially an amateur. And when it comes to a monowheel, the obvious question arises — is it even possible to drive such a route on it?

Today we will talk about the electric unicycle

In addition, the standard tires were replaced by CST mud tires of the required diameter, which have a more «evil», that is, a high tread, which is most suitable for mountainous terrain.

The monowheel weighing 25 kg is equipped with a direct drive motor with a power

The built-in regenerative braking system returns part of the driving energy back to the battery, which is especially important when operating in mountainous areas.

The shock absorption system implemented on the monowheel allows you to overcome significant irregularities, stones and potholes, and of course, increases comfort and ease of use.

The damping element here is an air spring DNM AOY-36RC, designed for mountain bikes and having a locking function.

For operation in the dark, a fairly powerful LED headlight is installed on the front of the monowheel, and a red brake light at the back.

The power button is located just above the headlight. For safety, when lifting the device by the handle, as well as when it falls on its side, the sensors are triggered and the power is then turned off.

The owner of the electric unicycle named Yuri is one of the participants in the Crimean MTB marathon, which begins on the day of this writing, September 16, 2020.

Recently, he has already completed several training runs along the marathon routes, which confirmed the high cross-country ability of this product.

We wish Yuri good luck in the competition and successful passage of the many kilometers route!

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