Brutal electric bike assembled in Russia


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Today there will be a brief overview of the stylish black e-bike from the company

A lightweight fat bike Alaska was used as a donor.

The wide tires, in combination with the lightweight Alexrims Blizzerk 90 rims, provide incredible flotation on loose surfaces (snow, sand, gravel), and the low tread provides excellent rolling.

In addition, wide tires take on the cushioning function due to the large volume of air they contain.

Transmission based on Sram equipment — rear 11-speed derailleur

There is no front derailleur, but given the subsequent electrification, this is only a plus — when using the engine, one rear derailleur is sufficient.

Hydraulic brakes

Comfortable, soft-travel brake levers contribute to the comfort of the bike.

The stylish low profile WTB Volt saddle is suitable for both competition and everyday riding.

Moving on to electrical equipment, it is worth noting, first of all, a light motor with a 2-stage gearbox weighing about 2 kg and a power of 1300 W, installed in the rear wheel.

Two stages of reduction provide a high torque, which is well felt during acceleration, moreover, from the very moment of start.

To prevent the engine axis from cranking at such power, the so-called torque arm (torque arm), or dropout amplifiers, are installed on it.

To preserve the native rims, the engine is equipped with adapter rings from 32 to 36 spokes, made of anodized aluminum.

The motor cable has a reliable sealed connector, which ensures the convenience of servicing the bike — if it is necessary to remove the wheel, the presence of the connector is especially important.

At the bottom of the frame triangle is a quick-detachable lithium-ion battery with nominal voltage

On the left side of the case there is a charging connector, and in front there is a convenient carrying handle.

On the right sidewall there is a lock that secures the battery on the platform and turns it on / off.

Removing the battery reveals an anodized aluminum platform. It is rigidly anchored to the frame thanks to polycarbonate clamps molded to the profile of the down tube and the use of bottle-mount threaded holes.

A 25 A motor control controller is attached to the seat tube, which has a hardware function to protect the motor from overheating.

In the center of the steering wheel there is a highly informative KT-LCD3 LCD display, which displays not only the necessary ride parameters (speed, distance, time), but also system parameters (voltage, power, remaining charge), and even the engine temperature.

And for skiing in the evening or in conditions of limited visibility, the display has a built-in backlight.

On the left side of the steering wheel there is a display control panel that allows you to switch between modes, as well as turn on / off the electric bike and select the assistant level (degree of assistance when pedaling) — from 1 (the weakest, about 250 W) to 5 (maximum, 1300 W) …

To implement the assistant mode, a corresponding PAS sensor and a ring with magnets are installed in the carriage assembly.

If you are tired during the trip, and the battery still has a charge, you can drive home with a breeze using the trigger-type throttle grip, which is located on the right side of the steering wheel.

All the wiring on the bike is sealed, as it is built on the well-proven Julet connectors, and allows you to safely ride even in heavy rain.

The bike turned out to be weight

The maximum speed of the e-bike is

If this power reserve is not enough, and you want to drive on one charge up to

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