Big lithium-ion battery for electric bike from 182 cells


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The main task of the design was to place the battery of the maximum possible capacity in the triangle, and it should be quick.

Having considered several options, it was decided to assemble the battery of two blocks, 91 cells in each. Holders are printed on 3D-printer and reliably fix cells collected in accordance with the future welding pattern.

Compound holding between themselves is made using screeds from monolithic polycarbonate, providing the necessary strength of the structure.

We try in a battery in a polycarbonate case and composite materials. In the back there is a place for control board (BMS), in front — for lock and charging connector.

Making sure that everything is suitable, proceed to the welding of the battery according to the 13S14P schema (13 sequentially connected blocks of 14 parallel to the connected cells in each), then sweep the balancing wires.

As already mentioned, BMS is located in the rear of the battery. Since the battery will feed a powerful all-wheel drive fatbike, the cross-section of the power wires is selected in accordance with the future current consumption, and the wires themselves are placed in the glassmart tubes.

We try the battery inside the frame triangle. A spare space is left between the battery and the top pipe, since when removing the battery will be shifted forward and up.

Now you can finally pack the battery. Due to the fact that the battery turned out quite hard, an additional fixation point was organized — for the seat pipe.

To do this, in the rear of the battery there is a special recess of the corresponding radius.

The battery is assembled from high-strength cells internal resistance of 20 MΩ, calculated for use on electric transport.


The battery is designed and assembled in the company

An article about the electric bicycle on which this battery is installed is

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