All-wheel drive electric bike 3400 W, assembled in Russia, travels up to 300 km


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The plug-in front-wheel drive allows you to manage battery power consumption and, when equipped with a torque sensor, use it more efficiently. But first things first.

The electric bike is assembled on the basis of a Stels Aggressor fat bike with 26 x 4.0 inches wheels and equipped with an 8-speed Shimano Acera transmission.

The rear wheel houses a reliable 2200 W Bafang geared motor.

In the front, there is a more compact and lighter 1200 W geared motor. For its installation, an anodized aluminum adapter ring was made, which fits perfectly thanks to the black color.

A good power-hungry battery is needed to provide 3400 watts of total power consumption. Here it is assembled from Li-Ion cells, has a nominal voltage of 48 V and a capacity of 34 Ah.

A reliable fixation of the battery is provided by an aluminum platform, which is fixed not only with the holes for the bottle fixing, but also with three clamps made in the shape of the pipe profile. In addition, the battery has an additional attachment point for the seat tube (3rd photo).

To control the motors, the compact controllers of the Russian design Electronbikes 5050 and Electronbikes 5035, assembled on the basis of Markus EVO, are used. They fit on both sides of the seat tube and barely stand out.

To make the most of the battery power, the bike has a torque sensor, or torque sensor. Thanks to it, the harder you press on the pedals, the more power is supplied to the engine.

This torque sensor was developed by Electron Bikes, a bicycle electrification company.

The throttle (throttle) stick has priority over the torque sensor and operates at full power, although its mode of operation can be adjusted depending on the degree of assistance selected on the display.

The sealed LCD display stores all ride parameters, including speed, time, distance, and has a built-in backlight.

Below it is the front-wheel drive connection button, which turns an already frisky horse into a really fast-paced beast with incredible cross-country ability.

For safety with such power, it is imperative to use electronic brake sensors that turn off the engines when the brake levers are slightly pressed.

For protection from water and dirt on the bike, full-size fenders are installed, and all electronics are sealed, so that the fat bike can be safely used even in pouring rain.

In full throttle mode with four-wheel drive, the battery power supply is enough for 50 km, but if you are planning a long trip, you can turn off the front-wheel drive and reduce the degree of assistance on the display — then the torque sensor will allow you to drive up to 300 km.

Main characteristics:

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