A revolutionary new kind of electric motorcycles with ultracapacitors


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Several companies, led by France’s Nawa Technologies, have joined forces to create a hybrid electric motorcycle NawaRacer, the power system of which combines a lithium battery and an ultracapacitor.

The concept of the bike was presented by the company in 2019, and in the third quarter of this year, Nawa promises to show it in action.

The energy storage is divided into two parts — in the lower part there is a lithium battery with a capacity

Moving around the city, you often have to start and stop. But the lithium battery does not have time to absorb all the recuperation energy, while the ultracapacitor is ideal for this — according to the developer, it saves

Nawa argues that if a single lithium battery has an urban range of about 180 km, then when using a hybrid circuit with an ultracapacitor, this value will increase to

Of course, it makes sense to use the NawaRacer electric bike only in an urban environment, where ultracapacitors will show themselves as much as possible in the start-stop mode, while on the track, against the headwind, they will be powerless.

The motorcycle weighs 150 kg (of which the condenser unit is only 10 kg), and the silent rear-wheel drive with a capacity of 99 hp. (74 kW) will allow a speed of up to 160 km / h, while acceleration to hundreds will take

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