A revolutionary new and fast way to electrify your bike.


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Now, to make your bike electric, you no longer need to change the wheel, install dropout amplifiers or unscrew the carriage with a special tool for installing the central motor — the whole process will take

It’s even surprising that no one has implemented this principle before, because it is so simple — to use a disc brake rotor not only for braking, but also for acceleration.

Various kits of the friction type, when a rotating roller is pressed against the tire of the wheel, transmitting torque to it, pale in comparison with a fundamentally new set of electrification

The design of the kit allows the transmission of torque from the engine with peak power

Motor delivers rated torque

Once installed, your bike becomes the heaviest

And what is really important — the motor mount is quick-detachable, on two eccentric clips, which allows you to remove it and the battery in less than

Battery capacity

In any case, you can carry another similarly charged battery with you in your backpack if you are planning a trip over a longer distance. A small video from the manufacturer.


But let’s wait — there is a feeling that soon Chinese counterparts will appear on the market, because this kit is too versatile — it can be installed on any bike with a disc brake, and there are most of them now.

And by the way, nothing prevents you from installing such a kit on both wheels of the bike, making it

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