3400W electric all-wheel drive fat bike


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Today we will consider a powerful four-wheel drive fat bike based on the donor Corto Yeti. But before moving on to the electric version, I want to show you what the original bike looks like.

And this is what he himself says about him

«The Corto Yeti is a fat bike whose main goal is to ride without problems in deep snow and loose sand. It is a real all-terrain vehicle that, thanks to the low pressure in the wheels, perfectly overcomes not only unevenness, but also not the most difficult surfaces to ride.

It features Shimano Deore all around, lightweight rims and 26 x 4.9 » rubber. A wide 800 mm handlebar helps to ride comfortably. There are 18 «and 20» sizes for riders of different heights. «

Now imagine that this all-terrain vehicle has also become electric! Command

First, the rigid fork has been replaced with a Manitou Mastodon shock absorber, an Italian Selle Royal Drifter Plus saddle, an SR Suntour NCX shock absorber seatpost, a rack with Topeak rails, and a pair of drop bags.

The heaviest and most energetically charged component here, of course,

In addition to the battery, the frame triangle fits

By the way, the battery is quite heavy (8 kg), and it is held not only by clamps, but also screwed to the threaded holes of the bottle mount and has an additional fixing point — for the lower controller.

Despite its decent size and weight, the battery is

It’s good that the battery has a handle — it would be extremely inconvenient to carry 8 kg under the armpit. On the left side, you can see the charging connector covered with a protective cover.

Thus, having arrived at their destination, the owner can fasten the bike at the entrance, remove the battery and take it with him. And if necessary, recharge — a 10 A charger is included, which will fully charge the battery in 3.5 hours.

Now about

Front — Electronbikes engine with 2-stage gearbox weighing 2.8 kg, which develops power up to 1.2 kW.

But wait — the Manitou Mastodon is axially mounted! It will not be possible to install a motor-wheel on it (unless, of course, you use a hacksaw)!

And here it will turn out — in this implementation it was made


To prevent overheating of the motors in the event of long-term driving at maximum power, the controllers are equipped with

As soon as the temperature of the motors returns to normal, the throttle stick will work again.

By the way,

In addition, sensors are installed on the Shimano (Deore) BL-M506 / BR-M447 brakes — if I’m not mistaken, Electronbikes are the only ones who make

Installed on the steering wheel

Thus, the bike acquires an additional function —

A liquid crystal is used to track the parameters of the trip, the battery level and adjust the controllers.

By the way, both the display and all other electrical components are wired to


If you use the assistant mode, when the motor is turned on only when pedaling, the mileage should be enough for 150-200 km.

There are only five assistant modes: the first is the weakest, the fifth is the strongest, the same as pressing the gas trigger to full. By the way, the maximum


Yes, and there are no analogues as such — when we search, we find ourselves either on fat bikes with a power of only 1 kW, or on electric motorcycles with a spatial frame and direct drive motors, the weight of which exceeds 40 kg, which is why many of this same weight on sites is simply do not indicate.


But if you look closely, it becomes obvious where this amount came from. First, of course,

Secondly, attachments. Only one

It would seem that everything. But we forget about another important part — the installation of this equipment on the bike, in particular —

Try bringing Manitou Mastodon to a locksmith and asking for adapters. I believe that for a high-quality solution of the problem you will be asked for a fairly decent amount.

Summing up, I note that the considered electric bike is just the best for getting vivid emotions, confident driving in deep snow and fast movement on off-road.

By the way, here I brought a video from the electronbikes youtube channel — you can see what the manufacturer himself says about it.

I propose to share your opinion on this electric bike in the comments. If you have your own electrofetbike — tell us about it, we will discuss it!


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